stop start batteries

Why are Stop- Start Batteries So Expensive?

You heard about the stop-start system in vehicles, quite a common feature these days and it is a fairly easy system to understand. It’s also running the idle system that cuts the engine when it comes to stopping the car.

It takes a bit of getting used to for the uninitiated and also odd when the engine is completely dead. All the traffic lights will be shut down and there is not any clever system.

There are two pros of using stop-start batteries:

  • Its save the fuel
  • Reduce pollution

If the engine is not running then it’s not consuming fuel and producing pollution. Many people argue that these reductions and savings are so small as to be insignificant, but it helps them.

It is designed according to people’s wallets but it is still expensive so what is the key reasons why stop-start batteries so expensive?

stop start batteries

The answer is, Because of its fuel-saving and reducing pollution the battery price is high and it looks expensive. A standard car battery is a lead-acid flooded battery and known as an LSI which is used for lighting, starting and ignition.

These batteries are basically designed to give the engine a decent starting jolt. A start-stop battery demands this task dozens of times in a day and it really works hard for that. This process is not constant. If you check any other vehicle when the engine is not running and everything else you want to use.

All the process starting from infotainment systems to lights to air conditioning to phone charger all done from that battery. This heavy lifting requires a battery with some extra oomph and that’s where the start-stop batteries come in. These batteries are so expensive. This is also known as an advanced flooded battery and enhanced one is designed to meet the entry-level stop-start technology requirement.

This battery’s advanced version of the standard lead-acid flooded technology which is found in LSI batteries. These batteries are more durable and have a consistent flow of power and have deep cycle capabilities. Fast in recharge and also improved cycle life.

Absorbent Glass Mat battery (AGM) is the most advanced example of lead-acid technology with the acid absorbed into fiberglass material. It has the main advantage that it’s maintenance-free, does fast charging, and high in power output with an improved life cycle.

Due to these features, stop-start batteries are quite expensive.

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