How Can I Speed Up My Keyboard Response?

The keyboard is an important part of the computer. Many people daily use keyboards for typing. Sometimes we find that there is no hardware issue found with the keyboard, it is found with the software. Sometimes they often feel the keyboard is slow to respond. So today in this article we will guide you ways of fixing a keyboard response with different windows.

So today we will talk about Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. Usually, for these windows, keyboard speed goes down by default but you can modify this setting to increase your productivity to change, for instance, and the amount of time that you have to hold down a key character for reappearing or the speed at which characters tend to repeat themselves. The keyboard setting will also increase the speed at which your cursor blinks within the forms or in the MS- office applications.

So, here is the way to speed up keyboard response.


For increasing the keyboard speed, first of all, open the control panel via the start menu or the power user menu (Windows – X) after it enters the keyboard without any quotes in the search bar. After this process click on the keyboard search result.

Under the speed tab, you contain two character repeat section sliders that affect how your keyboard reacts when you hold down a key. Moving a repeat Delay reduces the initial amount of time before a character starts to repeat itself.

When we are moving the repeat rate slider to the right, reduce the delay between each character repetition. The cursor blink rate section contains a slider that controls how often the cursor blinks. Before clicking the apply option, you can also use the vacant box under click here and hold down the key to test repeat rate to test out your changes.

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