Celebrating the positive impact that the internet has had on our lives

We think the internet is amazing. It has the potential to make a positive difference to our own lives, the lives of those around us and the world we live in too. 

It offers something for everyone – young or old, introvert or extravert, technology savvy or technology shy. The internet doesn’t care who we are or what we do. It’s just there for us, whenever we need it. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – you can use it your way. It’s an amazing resource and something we believe that everyone should be able to experience, enjoy and benefit from.

Our Digital Planet
Invaluable information and support for people affected by mental health related illness
Invaluable information and support

The internet allows people with mental health problems to help themselves and help each other by providing invaluable information and extensive support networks of people suffering similar issues.

Photo courtesy of Chris O'Sullivan
Knit the City's Parliament Square Phone Box Cosy by Lauren O'Farrell

Taking creativity to another level

Digital media adds a new dimension to creativity, enabling shared enjoyment the world over – whether it’s renowned artworks, attention-grabbing visual art or even more eye-catching graffiti knitting stunts...

© Knit the City's Parliament Square Phone Box Cosy by Lauren O'Farrell

A boat on offer at a car boot sale
Are you an 'active citizen'?
The internet is an essential tool for active citizens. It brings people together, helping us to
build connections and take action to improve our own lives and our communities too.

Photo courtesy of reppans/Almay
A whole world of alternative opportunities

A whole world of alternative opportunities

These days, the concept of active employment no longer means having to have a ‘9 to 5’ job. The internet has opened up a world of alternative opportunities for everyone.

Image courtesy of Nominet

Image courtesy of ricksphotos101/flickr

Useful information used for common good

 ‘Open data’ websites and applications can benefit both individuals and communities. And they are helping to shape and deliver a wealth of public support services across the UK.

Other handy open data applications enable you to find your nearest post box – complete with last collection time – and even the location of the nearest public toilets when you’re suddenly caught short.

A self portrait by disabled artist Jason Wilsher-Mills
Increasing access to all
The internet has transformed the lives of many disabled people. Finding information, networking with friends, getting and giving support, and sharing experiences are all now easier if you are online.

Photo courtesy of Jason Wilsher-Mills

The UK's youngest CEO, Harli Jordean
New opportunities for future generations
Digital technology is changing the way young people become economically and socially active – and dramatically changing the world that they are growing up in too...

Photo courtesy of Marble KING (UK) www.marbleking.co.uk

The winning photo from our competition
What does the internet mean to you?
Brian Smith's image Cloud Computing, takes centre stage among all the entries to our photo competition, which invited members of the public to share what the internet means to them.

Brian's image provides a view on the world from Brian’s alfresco office – where he enjoys a pleasant afternoon working in the sunshine while listening to digital radio all thanks to the internet.

Locations & dates

The Our Digital Planet street gallery will arrive in Wigan Town Centre on Friday 24th May until Wednesday 29th May and will then relocate to Leigh Town Centre from Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June

Find us in Leigh:

Civic Square, Leigh WN7 1EB

Tour locations & dates:

Wigan Town Centre
Leigh Town Centre

Brighton Promenade
Bristol Broadmead
Cardiff St Mary Street
Liverpool, Clayton Square
Glasgow, Sauchiehall Street

24th May - 29th May
30th May - 2nd June

16th August - 3rd September
5th September - 24th September
26th September - 15th October
17th October - 4th November
7th November - 26th November

What’s going on in Wigan and Leigh...

During the exhibition visitors who have never used the internet or those who are not so confident will have the opportunity to get online with guided and friendly support from organisations including Wigan Council, Wigan College and Leigh Housing.

At our drop-in sessions you can get involved in a variety of activities:

• Learn how to use the internet with our friendly volunteers

• Practise how to get online and do searches (e.g. job search)

• Find out how to claim benefits and do other transactions online

• Learn how to use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter

• Get information on IT and digital training courses available

• Find out where you can access computers and the internet in Wigan and Leigh free of charge.

Everyone is welcome… there are no age restrictions and the event is free of charge!

Why not pop in and see what a difference the internet can make to your life.

The internet station will be open every day, 10.30am – 4pmA full programme of activities can be found here

What the internet means to you

And the winner is...
Brian Smith from Tullibody, Clackmannanshire.

Brian beat of hundred's of entries to win the photo competition we ran ahead of the Our Digital Planet exhibition, with Blipfoto.

The winning image entitled Cloud Computing provides a view on the world from Brian’s alfresco office – where he enjoys a pleasant afternoon working in the sunshine while listening to digital radio all thanks to the internet. The photograph provides a powerful, simple and very candid portrayal of just how the internet is changing the way we live and interact with our surroundings.
Cloud computing - the winning image from our national photo competitionBrian will now see his image take centre stage at the Our Digital Planet exhibition, alongside other evocative images depicting a range of areas where the internet has positively affected our lives.

All entries can be viewed on the Blipfoto site
Learning Origami

SHORTLISTED: Learning Origami

Photo submitted by Charlie Jourdan currently living in Belgium.

Shortlisted in the Our Digital Planet photo competition.
Skyping Grandma

SHORTLISTED: Skyping Grandma

Photo submitted by Clair Guinaudeau from Lincolnshire, but currently living in Normandy, France.

Shortlisted in the Our Digital Planet photo competition
Cloud computing

WINNER: Cloud computing

Photo submitted by Brian Smith from Tullybody, Scotland.

Shortlisted in the Our Digital Planet photo competition.
Laptop, Beer, Wifi

SHORTLISTED: Beer, Wifi, netbook

Photo submitted by Peter Goodbody from Liverpool

Shortlisted in the Our Digital Planet photo competition
A lifeline to the outside world

SHORTLISTED: A lifeline to the outside world

Photo submitted by Bruce Chadwick from Nantwich, Cheshire Bruce Chadwick and currently working in Iraq.

Shortlisted in the Our Digital Planet photo competition
Neighbours can help

SHORTLISTED: Neighbours can help

Photo submitted by John Pickin and taken by Chris Callow from Sheffield

Shortlisted in the Our Digital Planet photo competition

About Nominet Trust

Nominet Trust is a UK registered charity, which believes in the power of the internet to improve lives and communities.

Nominet Trust brings together, invests in and supports people committed to using the internet to create social and economic value.
Nominet Trust has invested in hundreds of projects since its inception in September 2008, providing business support as well as financial investment.

To find out more, visit, www.nominettrust.org.uk

Nominet Trust thanks the following organisations for their support during this tour:

Blipfoto for supporting our photo competition
UK Online Centres for staffing the internet station

Navaho for their technical support

StarDotStar for this fantastic Jam site

Podnosh for staffing the interent station
Microsoft for supporting the internet station